Poll Says US Sick Of Climate, But What About Our Resources?

May 7, 2024

A Monmouth University poll conducted in April found that fewer Americans perceive climate change to be a “very serious problem,” which is completely understandable, but what about our natural resources?

The poll found a 10-point decline from September 2021, when 56% of respondents felt that climate change was still a “very serious” problem. That figure now stands at 46%. “Most Americans continue to believe climate change is real. The difference in these latest poll results is a decline in a sense of urgency around this issue,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray told The Hill. (LEARN MORE: Supreme Court To Hear Ultimate Free Speech, Censorship Case)

Part of this urgency may be down to the fact most young people weren’t alive when the climate change propaganda machine launched in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” None of the forecasts made by Gore and his team have come to fruition to the extent that there is no consistency in climate change rhetoric at this moment in time.

The poll included 808 adults and was conducted using phone interviews and online surveys. The margin for error is +/-4.1 percentage points.

We Cannot Ignore The Environment

While most of us are sick of climate change fear-mongering, we must not use this exhaustion as an excuse to ignore our responsibility to the natural world God gave us. As shepherds of the environment, we must not forget to protect our natural resources. (LEARN MORE: United Nations, WHO, Use Pandemic Declaration To Push Abortions, Experts Claim)

Did you know that New York City’s public housing residents are currently dealing with what they believe to be extremely high levels of arsenic in their drinking water? Politico reported in early May that those living in places like Sheletha Hill and Jacob Riis Houses’ NYC public housing divisions are concerned about their tap water after years of scares. (LEARN MORE: Biden Ignores Christian Massacres For 3rd Year In A Row)

“Public housing residents throughout the city have been raising concerns about unsafe living conditions — including possible water contamination — for years. The situation grew so dire, a judge appointed a federal monitor in 2019. The housing authority’s handling of resident complaints since then poses a new political and managerial challenge for [New York City Mayor Eric] Adams,” Politico wrote.

Don’t Let Politicians Ignore Your Safety

Did you know that most environmental crises hit communities that are either majority racial minority or low-income? Whether it be crises like in Flint, Michigan, where all residents were exposed to extremely toxic water for years on end, or the Ohio train derailment and subsequent pollution of local water tributaries that feed the entire eastern U.S., almost all politicians have failed in their duty to protect the planet so it can protect us.

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