Riley Gaines Issues Major Warning Over NCAA Chief

Oct 20, 2023

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The new National Collegiate Athletic Association chief Charlie Baker gave a series of vague answers regarding transgender athletes while being questioned by Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley at a Senate Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday.

Hawley asked whether it was still the NCAA’s policy to force young women and girls to compete against biological males and share private changing rooms with men too, without forewarning them, according to the Washington Stand. “First of all, I’m not going to defend what happened in 2022. I wasn’t there. I was still governor of the commonwealth,” Baker replied.

“What I will say is, we have very specific rules and standards around the safety and security of all our student athletes, and anyone who hosts one of our national championships has to accept that they know what they are and then abide by them accordingly. I don’t believe that policy would be the policy we would use today.”

Asked For Specificity

“As I said before, the rules around transgender athletes generally are more restrictive today than they were in ‘22. And I can state pretty clearly that no one’s going to get forced into any sort of situation that’s going to make them uncomfortable. We make that very clear in the guidance that we give to anybody who hosts one of our championships, period,” he stated, when asked for specifity on his claims. (LEARN MORE: Actor Pushes Hollywood To Promote Faith Instead Of Evil)

Riley Gaines Warning On Baker

“Mr. Baker understood the severity of what the female Division I swimmers dealt with at our NCAA Championships,” Gaines said on her podcast, Gaines For Girls. (LEARN MORE: Christian Heptathlete Anna Hall Trusts ‘God’s Timing’ On 2024 Olympics)

“I wrote a letter to him in January 2023 before he assumed his new NCAA role. I explained the general consensus of how the female athletes felt disregarded and betrayed by the unfair competition and lack of privacy and vulnerability in our locker rooms where male genitalia was on full display. I explained how athletes, coaches, administrators, and parents were silenced amidst the controversy. I explained why it’s crucial to understand the scientific evidence that shows the impossibility of leveling the collegiate playing field through hormone therapy.”

“I asked for an opportunity to meet face-to-face and sit down with him to better explain my — and so many other female athletes’ — perspective and to work together to create a solution that would provide everyone a place where they can play fairly and safely,” and after 10 months, “I’ve yet to receive a reply.”

Trust Actions Over Words

It’s easy to be told something time and time again, but as we’ve learned under our current presidential administration … words don’t always mean much. If you want to hold your elected officials accountable, we are here to help.

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