RNC Chair Lara Trump See Huge Start To Fundraising

Apr 5, 2024

Newly-elected co-chair of the Republican National Committee Lara Trump said Thursday that her first weeks in the job have seen former President Donald Trump close the fundraising gap with President Joe Biden.

“”That’s been really the only talking point that I think the DNC [Democratic National Committee] has had is that, ‘Oh, well, they have more money than us.’ Not for long, folks,” Lara Trump told Newsmax host Eric Bolling. “This was a huge fundraising month for the RNC. … We’re really proud of the work we’ve done, and we’re just getting started.” (LEARN MORE: Biden’s Competitors Censored By Google)

Reports suggest that the RNC raised $65.6 million in March alone. “We are now one combined effort with the campaign, and the advantage that it gives us is we don’t have to pay two people to do the same job,” she added. “There is no daylight between the two of us: the Trump campaign and the RNC. And that goes to the advantage of Donald Trump.”

What She And Whatley Are Doing

“There was a huge staffing change that you probably noticed the first week we were there, and I think it was appropriate,” she said of taking over the RNC with her co-chair Michael Whatley. “We want to make sure that the money goes the farthest when it is donated because we have a vital election to win, so we can’t waste a single penny of any money coming in. And so, we’re making sure of that, whether it’s with the staff changes, whether it’s, again, reviewing the contracts and vendors or with the merge with the Trump campaign.” (LEARN MORE: Interview Suggests New Evidence On Voter Machine Issues In 2020)

What’s Next?

“I think it’s pretty clear that the Democrats are going to pull out every trick in the book to keep Joe Biden off a debate stage,” Lara Trump added. “I can tell you from our end, we will push every single day from here on out to ensure that there are presidential debates. I think it is vital. I think the American people need to see these two men side-by-side on a stage.” (LEARN MORE: The AP Finds 63% Doubt Biden’s Mental Capacity)

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