Rob Schneider On His Faith, Goodness, And Progress

Feb 10, 2024

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Comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” star Rob Schneider sat down with CBN News for an interview in February, and his words are inspirational.

“Jesus only lets you stray so much,” Schneider told the outlet of rediscovering his faith. “At a certain point, He grabbed me again and hugged me.” (LEARN MORE: Hulk Hogan Shares Baptism On Social Media)

For Schneider, faith is predicated on goodness. “There are other religions out there that say, ‘Well, kill your enemy; hate your enemy,'” he continued. “And we have a religion that says, ‘Love your enemy, love thy neighbor as thyself … love others.’ What a beautiful way to go through life.”

Apologizing For His Past

Schneider took the time to apologize for his past rage at other artists and actors, and how they handled the COVID-19 pandemic. “There were people that very angered me. I had to dig underneath what’s that anger,” he noted. (LEARN MORE: Faith Inspires RomCom Actor)

“If I am going to lead my life and be an example, as Christ compels us to do, then I have to do it,” he continued. “Even if it hurts, even if it stretches how I used to feel … and, once you forgive, the beautiful thing about forgiveness is … you end up feeling better.”

‘A Little Nudge’

Schneider’s return to his faith took time, but there were some key factors. Firstly, he married a Catholic, who he described as being “very patient” with him. She’s also “the greatest thing that’s ever happened” to the movie star. “As Jesus does, He’s a little nudge, a little nudge, a little nudge,” he continued. “God could put His hand down and make everybody [love Him], but God wants us to come to Him of our own volition. That is the greatest gift.”

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