State Gov. Drags Feet Over Protecting Children

Dec 27, 2023

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Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine is dragging his feet over a bill that would protect children from medical tyranny throughout the state.

In November, a group of Ohio lawmakers listened intently as a young woman named Morgan Keller told them about her experience with so-called “gender care” for children in the state, and how it nearly killed her. “I wish I had been told ‘no’ by the practitioners I trusted. I wish I could say I’m the exception to the rule, but … I come to you wearing the scars of this medical scandal,” she said, describing the process of “transitioning” and what it means for young Americans.

She was told testosterone would save her life. But five years later, and after a double mastectomy, she was abandoned by her medical providers.

Heartbreaking Trauma

“I would cry upwards of 10 times a day — shocked at what I had been allowed to do to my body in such a vulnerable state … I would lay in bed all day, sitting with the realization that I would never be able to breastfeed children that I didn’t even know I wanted at the time [of] my mastectomy. I didn’t know if those feelings would ever go away. So, I started to make plans to commit suicide,” Keller said, following the realization she’d made a huge, irreversible mistake thanks to her doctors.

When she contacted her doctor to tell her about her suicidal ideation, “she never replied.” (LEARN MORE: World Expert Says Transgenderism Is ‘Mental Disorder,’ Sex Changes Are ‘Biologically Impossible,’ And The Industry Will Collapse Like Eugenics Did)

Message For Young People

Keller’s campaign is to ensure that no other Ohio children wake up one day realizing that Big Pharma has destroyed their bodies and minds for the sake of profit. Following the hearing, the House and Senate sent a bill to DeWine’s desk for him to sign to protect children. And it’s still sitting there today. No one knows why DeWine is taking his time on this decision. (LEARN MORE: Utah Professor’s Bizarre Response To Child Abuse)

“I’ve had conversations with the administration, and listen, we’re putting the right people in front of him. The governor is asking the right questions. They are giving him the right answers. I don’t know how he can avoid coming to the right conclusion. Our governor does care about kids. He has not, until recently, I don’t think, had the opportunity to study this issue,” he explained. “And we know that the other side of the hospitals are doing a lot of fear-mongering, and they’re trying to tell him that trans kids are going to die and things like that. … [B]ut we’re putting the people in there to counter that argument … medical professionals, doctors … parents and detransitioners,” the bill’s author, Republican Gary Click said on “Washington Watch.” (LEARN MORE: Detransitioner Sues American Academy of Pediatrics)

“I have to believe the governor is going to do the right thing.” But, he admitted, “We have no guarantees. We have no promises. But as that clock ticks… [we’re] all on pins and needles … They’re ready just to burst into tears of joy when the governor signs this bill.

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