Strategist Accuses ‘Christian Nationalists’

Dec 7, 2023

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Democratic strategist James Carville called Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and other “Christian Nationalists” a bigger threat to America than al-Qaeda.

Carville made the statements during an interview with late-night host Bill Maher, who asked about the new speaker. “Mike Johnson and what he believes is one of the greatest threats we have today to the United States,” Carville told Maher on Friday. “I promise you, I know these people.”

“You’re talking about Christian Nationalists?” Maher responded.

“Absolutely,” Carville said. “This is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country. And let me tell you something: The Speaker of the House, probably has at least two Supreme Court justices, maybe more,  don’t kid yourself. People in the press have no idea who this guy is… This is a fundamental threat to the United States. It is a fundamental thing. [They] don’t believe in the Constitution. They’ll tell you that. Mike Johnson himself says what is democracy but two wolves and a lamb having lunch? That’s what they really, really, really believe.”

Why Is Carville Spewing Anti-Christian Hate?

“And to say, ‘Oh, come on, man. It’s just some crazy s—.’ No, no. They believe that. And they’re coming and they’ve been doing it forever. They’re funded. They’re funded. They’re relentless and, you know, they probably won’t win for a while but they might. And if they do, the whole country blows a gasket,” Carville stated.

Maher then went off on his own anti-Christian sentiment, screaming at Americans about how this country wasn’t founded on faith. “Mike thinks God personally chooses, and raises up our leaders, which is a very dangerous thought because then when you lose an election you think it’s just another of God’s tricks to test your faith. Mike says we began as a Christian nation. We didn’t. Did you miss that day in homeschool, Mike? If you don’t know that the Pilgrims came here to get away from the Church of England, then you don’t know, literally, the first thing about our country,” Maher stated. (LEARN MORE: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Soar In Europe)

“Mike says being a Christian nation is our tradition and it’s who we are as a people. It’s not. We’re the people who have a First Amendment which says ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.’ And we have an Article Six which says ‘no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office.’ So I take these people at their word when they say that they think we should be Christian nationalists. But then they have to take John Adams at his word when he wrote, ‘The government of the United States of America is not in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

Protect Your Religious Freedoms In America

You can protect your religious freedoms today. And we’ll do all the work for you. All you have to do is sign up at www.millionvoices.org, and we’ll contact your local, state, and federally elected officials to tell them how important religious freedoms are to your vote.

You can also tell them how important anti-hate crime laws are against Christians. You deserve protection from hate as much as anyone else. You don’t deserve to be a victim of violence from hatred, nor from silencing from your government, just because of your peaceful, Christian values.

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