Supreme Court Allows Child’s Removal From Catholic Family

Mar 29, 2024

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The U.S. Supreme Court refused to take up a custody case involving a child who believes he is transgender and his Catholic parents, essentially allowing for the child to be removed from their care without hearing the case.

No reason was given for why the court refused to intervene in the case, which has been going on for years, according to the Christian Post. The child in question believes he is a girl, and demands to be called by female pronouns by his devout Catholic parents. “Because of the couple’s religious beliefs about gender and sexuality, they could not in good conscience comply with their son’s request,” the Christian Post wrote.

However, the Indiana Department of Child Services felt this one aspect was enough to launch an investigation into the family. (LEARN MORE: World Expert Says Transgenderism Is ‘Mental Disorder,’ Sex Changes Are ‘Biologically Impossible,’ And The Industry Will Collapse Like Eugenics Did)

Horrifying Treatment

“No other loving parents should have to endure what we did,” the parents, Mary and Jeremy Cox, said following the ruling. “The pain of having our son taken from our home and kept from our care because of our beliefs will stay with us forever. We can’t change the past, but we will continue to fight for a future where parents of faith can raise their children without fear of state officials knocking on their doors and taking their children.”

The family’s lawyers said the appeal “accomplish[ed] the goal of placing this fact pattern in front of SCOTUS as a real and growing threat to parental rights, freedom of religion, and free speech.”

“These constitutional principles represent a cause — not just a case — and we will continue to advocate for that cause in law and culture,” he added. (LEARN MORE: 23 States Pass 84 Laws Protecting Children From Medical Harm)

Warnings From Lawyers

The failure to intervene was called a “dangerous precedent” by attorney Laura Slavis. “There are two major issues in this case: One is about the fact that the child is taken away just because of the parent’s religious beliefs on sexuality. And the other is what a parent can speak to their child about in the confines of their own home,” she told the outlet. “We think that it’s important that this case be addressed and a very clear message be sent that this is unconstitutional so that other states can’t rely on the precedent.”

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