‘The Chosen’ Creator Shares ‘Bad News’ With Fans

Mar 29, 2024

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Creator-writer-director of the hit television series “The Chosen” Dallas Jenkins revealed “bad news” about the release of Season 4 on Facebook in early March.

The update focused on the fact that season 4 of the show was released in theaters, not directly to television as most assumed it would be. “Our previous path wasn’t proving to be sustainable,” he explained, hinting that legal issues are holding up the release of the season to television services. This is a huge loss for fans who are anxiously waiting to see what everyone in the theater has been raving about.

CBN’s Efrem Graham noted that while he knew something “serious was going on” with the rolling out of season 4, he “did not realize the seriousness of it or the legal issues [and] financial issues at play’ until watching Jenkins go into detail.

Graham’s Analysis

“Dallas has been very good about being forthcoming whenever possible about any questions,” Graham described. “And anytime I’ve interviewed him, he’d always said, ‘Ask me anything,’ so I appreciate that from him.” (LEARN MORE: ‘We Need Jesus’: Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers On Faith)

“This is the single biggest, successful crowdfunded project in media history,” he continued, noting “The Chosen” has unique financial responsibilities that forces the team to be more creative with sourcing to release their content. “It started with a partnership between Dallas and Angel Studios; they helped them to raise funds, and then, as the series grew, roles shifted because they needed more support … financially; they needed more support in terms of distribution.”

Be Patient 

Graham urged fans to “be patient” while we wait for the next chapter of this incredible show to reach out screens. All three seasons of “The Chosen” are available via Angel Studio’s website, as well as Netflix, Roku, Tubi, Peacock, and more. (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Reveals Hidden Secrets Within The Show)

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