‘The Chosen’ Special ‘Holy Night’ Trailer

Dec 23, 2023

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“The Chosen” dropped the trailer for their Christmas special “Holy Night” back in November, and now it is finally in theaters, and will be on streaming services soon!

“The Chosen: Holy Night” dropped in theaters on Sunday, December 17, and tells the most beautiful story of our people. “A young mother labeled impure. A shepherd boy considered “unclean.” Experience Jesus’ birth through their eyes as CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT blends The Messengers and The Shepherd into one special remastered and re-scored story. Plus, a never-before-seen performance from Andrea and Matteo Bocelli highlights seven musical performances and two beautiful new monologues,” the description on YouTube reads.

All Of Your Favorites

Part of the special features sections of the premiere episode of “The Chosen” as well as previous Christmas special, “The Messenger.” Creator-writer-director-producer Dallas Jenkins said of the show, “Over six years ago I made a little short film on my friend’s farm in Illinois. Entitled The Shepherd, it was about the birth of Christ from the perspective of the shepherds, and it was only intended for my church’s Christmas Eve service.” (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution,’ ‘The Chosen’ Team’s Huge Announcement)

“It ultimately ended up launching The Chosen. A few years later, with many more resources, we did The Messengers, a special episode about the birth of Christ from the perspective of Mary and Joseph,” he continued. “”This year I had an interesting idea…what if we combined the two? I didn’t think it would work great, but it might be an interesting experiment. When Amanda and I saw the first rough cut, we were so moved…it does work, and the nativity story took on even more relevance.”

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