Top 27 Law Firms Rescind Job Offers Over Anti-Semitic Activities

Nov 10, 2023

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Almost 30 of America’s leading law firms issued an open letter on November 1, stating their zero-tolerance policies on anti-Semitic behavior.

The letter comes in response to the rise in hatred toward Israeli’s and the Jewish community at higher education institutions across the country. Though the letter focuses on all forms of “harassment” “racism, or any other form of violence, hatred, or bigotry on campus, in our workplaces, or in our community.” (LEARN MORE: Dr. Phil Says Pro-Hamas College Groups Are ‘Intellectual Rot’)

The Letter

“Over the last several weeks, we have been alarmed at reports of anti-Semitic harassment,
vandalism and assaults on college campuses, including rallies calling for the death of Jews and
the elimination of the State of Israel. Such anti-Semitic activities would not be tolerated at any of
our firms. We also would not tolerate outside groups engaging in acts of harassment and threats
of violence, as has also been occurring on many of your campuses,” the letter states. (LEARN MORE: Jewish High Schools Demand Safety Pledge Before University Recruitment)

“As employers who recruit from each of your law schools, we look to you to ensure your students
who hope to join our firms after graduation are prepared to be an active part of workplace
communities that have zero tolerance policies for any form of discrimination or harassment,
much less the kind that has been taking place on some law school campuses.”

Take A Stand

You haven’t been indoctrinated by the corporate media, Big Government, or the lies you’ve heard online. You know right from wrong, and you know supporting any type of terror organization is a fundamental wrong. Make sure your lawmakers know how you feel.

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