Trump Holds Private Meeting With DeSantis

Apr 29, 2024

Former President Donald Trump reportedly met privately with former 2024 presidential candidate and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sunday.

The private meeting apparently took place in Miami, Florida, and was focused on DeSantis working to support the Trump campaign, Newsmax reported. Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President in 2024, so it is assumed that DeSantis will be working closely with all other Republicans to secure Trump’s nomination in November. (LEARN MORE: Experts Warn Of China ‘Smokescreen’)

What Was The Meeting About?

Though there is still an opening for someone to be Trump’s vice president, it’s believed that DeSantis is simply helping the former president tap into more donor networks. “It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance,” DeSantis said previously.

Sources told the media that Trump and DeSantis were reacquainted by a mutual friend, Steve Witkoff, a Florida real estate broker. (LEARN MORE: The AP Finds 63% Doubt Biden’s Mental Capacity)

While Trump and DeSantis haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, the alleged meeting suggests that Trump is not one to hold grudges, and is willing to work with his colleagues to ensure the best for the American people, Newsmax implied in their analysis.

Who Will Be Trump’s VP?

Who do you think should be Trump’s pick for potential VP in 2024? While most people focus on the power of the president, there are countless other individuals who also have power over your future. It is your vote that gives them that power. So, what do you want from your potential future presidential team? Tell us today!

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