Trump Plans To Deport ’20 Million’ Illegal Immigrants

May 6, 2024

Former President Donald Trump promised to organize and deliver the “largest mass deportation effort” in U.S. history should he win reelection in November.

The Trump campaign has not yet explained how they intend to move forward with the plan should Trump be reelected. “For an operation of that scale, Trump says he would rely mostly on the National Guard to round up and remove undocumented migrants throughout the country. ‘If they weren’t able to, then I’d use [other parts of] the military,’ he says. When I ask if that means he would override the Posse Comitatus Act — an 1878 law that prohibits the use of military force on civilians—Trump seems unmoved by the weight of the statute,” Time magazine wrote following an interview with the former President. (LEARN MORE: Trump Wants Life To Be A State Issue)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told the New York Post that Trump’s intended operation would probably require the State Department’s involvement as well as additional funding from Congress.

Are There Really 20 Million Illegal Immigrants Here?

NumbersUSA director Eric Ruark told the NYP that there are “probably between 15 [million] and 20 million, given the number of people we’ve seen coming over.” Only 11 million are noted in the official U.S. Census Bureau’s data. (LEARN MORE: Rep Says Gaza Refugees Won’t Be Vetted ‘Properly’)

While there are very good systems in place for identifying individuals, there are limited resources to carry out an operation of this size right now, former acting director of ICE, Tom Homan, stated. “A lot of that is going to be up to Congress … We need officers, we need detention beds, we need transportation contracts … because [we would have] more flights heading out of the country and more bus removals down to the border,” Homan stated. “We would still prioritize criminals and national security threats first; they are the most dangerous for the country. But I would say no one is off the table. If you’re in this country illegally, … then we’ll remove you.”

What Do You Want?

Illegal immigration has soared throughout the Biden administration’s four years in office. While there are a plethora of serious concerns with this mass migration of military-aged males into the U.S., there seems to be no real plan on how to deal with this issue. So, what do you want? You can tell your local, state, and federally elected officials exactly what to do in this situation to ensure your vote in 2024.

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