Trump Takes New Hampshire In ‘Rare’ Back-To-Back Primary Wins

Jan 25, 2024

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Former President Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primaries in a “rare” back-to-back win, Newsmax reported Tuesday.

Trump was the predicted winner by 8pm local time on Monday night, beating out competitor former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. The “rare” win made Trump the first Republican to take both Iowa and New Hampshire in the primaries since 1976, Newsmax noted.

“Such an honor: I just broke the all-time record for votes cast – both sides, democrat and republican – in the history of the New Hampshire primary!” Trump told followers on Truth Social.

The end tally gave Trump roughly 54.5% of the vote, gaining 12 delegates to Haley’s 43.2%, giving her nine delegates. Haley told fans the race was “far from over” and that “there are dozens of states left to go!” The Associated Press reported.

What Is The DNC Doing?

President Joe Biden didn’t appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot, but his supporters still apparently wrote him in as part of a grassroots campaign, Breitbart reported. Apparently there are no delegates for the Democrats in New Hampshire because of a falling out with the Democrat National Committee and the New Hampshire Democrat Party over when the primaries would be held. (LEARN MORE: Georgia Refuses To Update Vulnerable Voting Systems Until After 2024 Election)

Calls For Haley To End Her Campaign

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called upon Haley to end her campaign on Tuesday night. Trump’s double-digit lead showed many Republicans that there is unity within the party, and that unity could be amplified by further rallying around the former president. (LEARN MORE: Sen. Ted Cruz Endorses Trump)

What’s Next?

No matter what, your vote counts. And getting out to the primaries is part of your right to a fair election. But even beyond your vote, you can use your voice to help shape policy as we move through this next administration.

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