‘Vote-Buying’ Allegations Rise Against Biden

May 6, 2024

Republican North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s allegations of “vote-buying” are likely accurate.

“I think it’s clear that there’s vote-buying going on at a scale like we have never seen before,” Burgum told CNN, reiterating claims made by Trump during his Saturday donor retreat in Florida. “Don’t underestimate welfare. They get welfare to vote, and then they cheat on top of that — they cheat,” Trump said, according to Politico.

While Burgum didn’t specifically endorse this idea, he did suggest that Democrats are engaging in pre-election “payoffs.” (LEARN MORE: Interview Suggests New Evidence On Voter Machine Issues In 2020)

“You start trying to give away hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money, and it’s not even — it’s like we’re borrowing to give it away. It’s not tax and spend. It’s borrowed from the Chinese and they give it away.” he told the outlet. He added that he did not endorse the idea that those receiving public assistance were being bribed to vote. Instead, he focused on issues like student loan debt relief and other promises from Biden.

When Is The Line Crossed?

“Citizens understand those are like preelection payoffs. Those are like, hey, folks, please vote for us because we’re relieving your debt. So at what point does it cross over, programs like student debt, to just vote-buying?” Burgum asked. (LEARN MORE: GOP Targets Chinese Military Aggression With New Bill)

Burgum’s sentiment was echoed by Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who told the “Cats Roundtable” that Biden’s policies are designed to spend U.S. taxpayer money on initiatives that benefit Americans and up the president’s chances of earning their votes. “It’s all about election politics,” Johnson said. “It’s why they’re paying off student loans. They’re buying votes.”

Migrants In On The Process?

“These NGOs – we have evidence – they are giving a slip of paper to migrants before they get to America [saying], ‘When you get to the US, vote for Joe Biden,” Johnson continued, claiming that these individuals are sometimes sponsored by NGOs (nongovernmental organizations).

He also believes that Biden’s new suggestion of bringing Palestinian refugees into the U.S. is also part of this subtle vote-buying process. “Let’s at least not bring in Palestinian refugees who hate our guts. You’re aware of what, unfortunately, the Palestinians teach their children. There’s a reason that the Arab nations don’t accept Palestinian refugees,” Johnson continued. (LEARN MORE: The AP Finds 63% Doubt Biden’s Mental Capacity)

“Why would the Biden administration do so? Well, they want to win Michigan, and they think it would be popular around Detroit,” he stated.

Do You Want Free And Fair Elections?

Election integrity is one of the major crises and concerns plaguing the U.S. today. With our next presidential election just months away, you can tell your local, state, and federally elected officials how important this problem is to you. And they have to do something about it.

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