AFC-Leading Coach Proclaims ‘Good News…Changes The World’

Dec 16, 2023

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The coach of AFC-leading team the Baltimore Ravens proclaimed the “Good News” of Jesus Christ after their 11th win of the season, on Sunday!

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh spoke to a large audience following the team’s 37-31 win against the Los Angeles Rams, according to the Christian Post. “This is your moment in life and this is your time. Five hundred years from now, none of us are going to be around,” Harbaugh said following the game. (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution, ‘The Chosen’ Team’s Huge Announcement)

“Five hundred years [ago], none of us were here, so we’re given this time with these people in this place for a purpose. There’s December, and the time is December. December football has a meaning to it. It’s preparation for great events to come. You have to put yourself in position with December football for what’s to come.”

Advent Season

“It’s also the Advent season. Advent comes from the Latin ‘adventus,’ which means anticipation and preparation for an amazing event, which is the coming of our Savior and celebrating the Christ — the Good News that changes the world and changes it for all eternity,” he continued.

Harbaugh has led the Ravens for 16 years with a storied career, including a Super Bowl XLVII victory. He credited Sunday’s win to the Holy Spirit and has previously told fans that his definition of success is “alignment with God.” (LEARN MORE: Neal McDonough On Playing Lucifer)

“Perfect success would be perfect alignment with God and God’s will. … He knows what our true desires are, what our purpose is. So trying to find that purpose through connection with God — being connected and filled with the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit — that is success,” he told Sports Spectrum.

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