Neal McDonough On Playing Lucifer

Dec 12, 2023

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Actor Neal McDonough is portraying Lucifer in Angel Studios’ next big flick “The Shift,” and the role changed his life forever.

The story follows a man called Kevin (Kristoffer Polaha) as he finds himself in a dystopian world where all manner of temptation is at his fingertips. He’s joined by a stranger, who calls himself “The Benefactor” (Neal McDonough), who shifts Kevin’s realities as he’s confronted with challenges.

“We all have to go through our darkness. We all get beaten up in life. We’re also all sinners in life. We have our flaws, we fall down, we trip all over ourselves, but it’s how we get up that dictates what kind of men and women we are for Him, not for us, but for Him,” McDonough told The Christian Post.

“God first, me second, family first, me second, those are the tenets that we live by in our house. If more people live by that, wouldn’t the world be just a much sweeter place to live in?” (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution, ‘The Chosen’ Team’s Huge Announcement)

Take Nothing For Granted

“It’s films like ‘The Shift’ that make us realize that we shouldn’t take any of it for granted. It’s so fleeting. We’re here for such a short amount of time. Make your life remarkable. Be the greatest version of you possible,” he continued. (LEARN MORE: ‘Wonder Years’ Actress Found Christ)

“In this film, I get to play the character that tries to pull you away from that. So the importance of playing that character as truthfully as possible was one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever had as an actor.” But McDonough didn’t want to play the Devil as some demented, evil monster with a twisted mind.

“I wanted to play him as he’s your next-door neighbor. He seems like a really nice guy. That’s a guy I’d like to hang out with. And then, all of a sudden, everything just kind of gets too dark, and he loses his faith,” he explained. “Lucifer lost his faith in God a long time ago. And I played this character that all I want is that faith back. That last scene that I have with Kevin is one of the most painful scenes I’ve had as an actor because I have to dredge up all these thoughts that get me to why don’t I have that in my life? Why can’t I be more like Kevin?” (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Credits God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

The role “changed” McDonough’s “life forever.”

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