Agitators Want To ‘Radicalize’ US Kids

May 2, 2024

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday that “outside agitators” are pushing young Americans to engage in violent pro-terror protests throughout our educational institutions and are trying “to radicalize young people.”

“There were those who came to the city to disrupt our city,” Adams said. He added that New York Police Department Intelligence and Counterterrorism deputy commissioner Rebecca Weiner found evidence of “outside agitators” helping to organize American students at Columbia University, according to Newsmax.

The mayor’s statements come just one day after NYPD officers entered Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and other campus buildings to remove the swarms of young protestors who are currently occupying the spaces. It is unclear how many of these young people are actually students at the school or not. (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability from U.S. Open Border)

‘Outside Agitators’

Adams was informed of the risk of “outside agitators” in a letter from the school in which staff requested police support in dealing with the chaos. At least one “individual’s husband was arrested for and convicted for terrorism on a federal level.” He did not specify any further details, including whether the person was recently arrested and convicted or if this was a historical offense. Either way, Adam’s claims prove that we need tough-on-crime policies to stop the proliferation of chaos in spaces that should be fostering the growth of young people’s minds. (LEARN MORE: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Soar In Europe)

“Once we were able to identify some of the other people, I knew that there was no way I was going to allow those children to be exploited the way they were being exploited,” Adams told Morning Joe on MSNBC. “These were professionals … There are people who are harmful and trying to radicalize our children, and we cannot ignore these outside influences. I don’t know if they’re international … but there’s an attempt to radicalize young people in this country.”

“This needs to be a clarion call for our country. These are our children and we can’t allow them to be radicalized like children are being radicalized across the globe.” (LEARN MORE: 100,000+ Rally For Israel In National Mall)

Tough On Crime?

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