Biden To ‘Sign Away’ US Powers To World Health Organization

May 15, 2024

President Joe Biden is expected to “sign away American powers” to the World Health Organization (WHO) via an executive agreement and pair of treaties, China expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax in May.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently passed its global governance plan for pandemics, despite being an unelected body with no real control over human life, as Million Voices reported in November 2023. When fully ratified, presumably by Biden alone, as his executive orders to join the treaties would not pass through any of the various layers of governance necessary for it to be a democratic decision, the agreement would transfer 1/5 of all U.S. supplies to WHO, promote mass government censorship against what a small group of unelected individuals call “misinformation,” and would place human health on the same level as the health of all animals. (LEARN MORE: GOP Senator Urges Protections Of US ‘Sovereignty’ After WHO Passes Pandemic Governance Plan)

“The World Health Organization is going to meet in Geneva and it’s going to look at two things, amendments of the international health regulations and the adoption of a pandemic agreement,” Chang told Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly. “These two documents are so broad that they would give [WHO director-general] Tedros [Adhanom Ghebreyesus], in other words, that give China, control over the United States not just during a pandemic, but before,” he added. “This would not just be world government. This would be totalitarian world government because potentially Tedros could tell the United States to do anything he wants.”

How Is This Legal?

Biden won’t be able to get two thirds of the Senate to vote for signing the treaty, Newsmax argued, which means his decision to sign the documents may be in violation of the Constitution. “That means he’s going to sign away America’s powers,” Chang noted. “Not only are there specific powers in this agreement, so, for instance, during a pandemic, Tedros can expropriate American, therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and protective equipment. He can also demand annual monetary contributions which have yet to be defined.” (LEARN MORE: WHO Agreement Could Create ‘Totalitarian State’)

Biden would basically hand over a “blank check” from all American bank accounts by signing the treaty with WHO. “That means they could do whatever they want, especially because this treaty body called the Conference of Parties not only has the right to interpret the agreement to any extent it wants, but it also has the right on its own to amend the treaty,” Chang explained.

Blaming COVID

Chang argued that because of actions by WHO, COVID was not confined to just China. In fact, he suggested that “Tedros specifically lied about the transmissibility [by telling] the world that it was not contagious when he knew or should have known it was … 7 million people died as a result of the administration of the World Health Organization,” which is a huge concern.

Chang believe Biden will sign the agreement and use the excuse that COVID was poorly responded to, and therefore creating this global infrastructure will mitigate future pandemics. But the mistakes made in COVID were pretty much all made by the people who are now taking your freedoms and power away from you — why would we trust them to help us if something like this happens again? (LEARN MORE: RFK Jr. Says WHO Pandemic Agreement ‘Should Be Dead…’)

“We might need a global health architecture, but the WHO cannot be a part of it because we saw what they did not only in COVID-19 but in Ebola before that,” Chang added. “Also, the WHO is unreformable because if you have Tedros, he reports to 194 countries, which means he reports to no one, so it is inherently an unaccountable structure, and we can’t have it at the center of our global health efforts.”

Say NO To WHO Today

Using your voice in the 2024 elections is more important than ever. Even though the “wheels of justice turn slowly, they do turn,” as Million Voices CEO John Graves often says. And thankfully, we do have time to lobby all levels of our elected officials into staying as far away from this global health treaty as possible. You can stop the creation of one-world governance today (LEARN MORE: Voters Lose Confidence In Biden Over Soaring Consumer Prices)

Your local, state, and federally elected officials have a responsibility to act in your best interest. When was the last time you reminded them of that? Contacting your lawmakers sounds complicated. But we made it extremely easy. Check out this video to learn more.

To contact your local representatives today, and propose your favorite future candidates for President, sign up for www.millionvoices.org today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed.

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