Border Patrol Nabs Illegal Immigrant ‘Child Predator’

May 17, 2024

An illegal immigrant was captured by Border Patrol in Arizona in early May who turned out to be a convicted child sex abuser, according to Fox.

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said that his agents based in Douglas, Arizona, arrested a Mexican national and “child predator” with a previous conviction for aggravated criminal sex abuse with a victim aged under 13 years old, Fox reported. The man is one of more than 8,800 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions caught by Border Patrol agents this fiscal year (which started in October).

In the previous fiscal year, some 15,267 known criminals who were also illegal aliens were caught, while more than 12,000 were caught the year before that. Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed U.S. borders since the start of the Biden administration, with seemingly nothing being done to quell the movement of people into the country. (LEARN MORE: Feds Reportedly Release Terrorist ‘Accidentally’)

Agents Are Overwhelmed

Agents in border states are frequently overwhelmed by the number of illegal immigrants entering their jurisdiction. Many of those illegal immigrants who are caught have been found to have prior sex offender convictions.

For example, agents in Tucson, Arizona, recently found a Mexican citizen who was convicted of sexual assault and lewdness with a minor in Arizona in 2009. A Guatemalan illegal immigrant is currently being charged in Florida for kidnapping and assaulting a child. The man was encountered at the border in January, released into the U.S., and given a court date in 2027. (LEARN MORE: Terrorist Planning NYC Attack Stopped At Border)

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