China Could ‘Overwhelm’ US Military Bases

May 13, 2024

The new House China Committee Chairman, Michigan Republican Rep. John Moolenaar said in May that there is an “alarming lack of urgency” from the Biden administration over potential attacks from China.

“American military bases in the Indo-Pacific are under threat. With its current strike capabilities, China can attack U.S. bases in the region, including those on U.S. territories of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands,” Moolenaar said in a letter sent to military leaders, according to Fox News, adding that unclassified analysis suggests that China “has enough weapons to overwhelm our air and missile defenses protecting those bases.”

Any strike on these U.S. bases could easily “immobilize vital air assets, disrupt logistical chains, and significantly weaken our ability to respond in a conflict,” he added. (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability from U.S. Open Border)

Defending Ourselves

“U.S. bases in the region have almost no hardened aircraft shelters compared to Chinese military bases,” Moolenaar added. “In addition, a DoD regulation involving World War II-era munitions is substantially delaying and driving up the costs of construction projects in Guam and [the Northern Mariana Islands] aimed at building a more resilient posture for our forces to withstand Chinese attacks and continue operations.”

Moolenaar urged for “immediate changes.” The letter was cosigned by Republicans from Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, South Dakota, California, Iowa, Washington, and Kentucky. “Unsurprisingly, in recent war games simulating a conflict with China over Taiwan, 90% of U.S. aircraft losses occurred on the ground, rather than from air combat,” Moolenar explained. (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

Protecting Our Rights

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