Intel. Agencies Have ‘No Plan’ Over China’s Infiltration

May 20, 2024

House Oversight and Accountability Committee chairman Kentucky Republican James Comer said in May that intelligence agencies have “no government plan” to counter threats to America’s security from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltration.

The CCP’s infiltration into the U.S., both through digital and physical means, is a significant threat to our security as a nation. This infiltration is myriad, coming via land grabs, through the movement of Chinese military aged males across our open borders, and more. All of these means combine to a serious risk, both domestically and at U.S. military bases around the world.

“[W]e’ve known for years [that] they’re stealing our patents, they’re stealing our intellectual property,” Comer told Tony Perkins on Washington Watch in May. “They’ve engaged in creating spy centers all across America, not just at our public universities. By the way, China, we have learned, is funding anonymously a lot of our most liberal research universities, the ones which just so happen to be having all the campus protests against Israel.”

CCP Funding Campus Protests

The recent campus protests and other anti-Israel propaganda from radical left-wing organizations is largely stemming from CCP funding, according to data released by the Network Contagion Research Institute. For example, the report cited the Shut It Down for Palestine movement, which is “linked through financial, personal, and ideological ties to CCP associates Neville Roy Singham and his wife, Jodie Evans.” Singham served as a consultant to Huawei, a Chinese tech conglomerate, which is barred from the sale and import of new communications equipment in the U.S. over security concerns. (LEARN MORE: Experts Warn Of China ‘Smokescreen’)

The report argued that the CCP’s “foreign influence efforts” seem to support U.S.-based groups with “revolutionary, anti-government, and anti-capitalist agenda.” The purpose of these groups is to “incit[e] unrest throughout the summer of 2024 and in the lead-up to the U.S. Presidential election.”

Intelligence Agencies?

““[W]e also know that they’re spying on our military bases, and we’ve launched an investigation,” Comer noted. “We’re trying to learn every detail of how deep their spy rings go, how deep their theft rings go, as well as passing legislation. [O]ur committee yesterday [passed] the BIOSECURE Act, which targeted five Chinese companies that the United States can no longer do business with because they take our genetic data and our health care data and use it against us.”

The CCP allegedly stole DNA from around the world via various Chinese-linked biotech companies and is using it for genomic projects, the Washington Post noted. Despite these repeatedly malicious acts against the U.S., our allies, and humanity in general, the Biden administration is significantly lacking in their response, Comer argued. (LEARN MORE: China’s Stealth Invasion Of America Is Happening Now, Experts Warn)

“Right now, I have absolutely no confidence in our intelligence community whatsoever,” he stated. “… [W]hen they give a classified briefing to Congress, if you write that down and wait, their predictions never seem to happen. They’re always wrong in a lot of big things. … [W]ith respect to China, there’s no government plan right now to educate the heads of government cabinets, much less the heads of government departments and divisions as to what to look for, to realize when China has infiltrated your data system or when China has hacked into some type of computer program, or where China may have some employees that are there spying and taking sensitive or even classified information back to the CCP for China.”

Greater Security Threats?

“[China] owns a lot of our debt,” Comer continued. “And one of the strategies that China uses in third world countries — and I fear that they may already be implementing this strategy in the United States — is a thing called ‘debt trap strategy,’ where they loan countries money on certain infrastructure projects … knowing they will never be able to pay it back. And then, like a bank, they go in and foreclose on that asset. … [A]nytime Joe Biden has a program to pay off student loan debt or has another stimulus program or … gives money to Ukraine, we’re borrowing from China, and I fear that in the back of China’s mind, they realize the United States is going to be just like some of these African [and] South American countries [who are] never going to be able to pay it back.”

“As Scripture says, we don’t want to be indebted because the borrower is a slave to the lender,” Washington Watch and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins noted. (LEARN MORE: GOP Targets Chinese Military Aggression With New Bill)

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