Judge Makes Major Decision On Parental Rights, Abortion

May 27, 2024

New York Supreme Court judge Daniel J. Doyle threw out an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) on the November 2024 ballot over procedural grounds, showing the risk of rushing legislation.

The ERA was described by Fox as a “rapid response by New York Democrats” to enshrine the right to an abortion within New York’s state constitution, according to the Catholic News Agency. The bill would have prohibited discrimination based on “pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and reproductive health care and autonomy.” The language of the bill avoided the use of the word “abortion,” but was seen as a means of protecting a woman’s right to one. (LEARN MORE: Abortion Raises Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Finds)

Judge Doyle said in an early May ruling that the referendum had to be removed from the Nov. 5 ballot because New York’s lawmakers did not follow the right constitutional procedure to move it forward. “The constitution is the supreme will of the people,” Doyle wrote in his ruling. “This court cannot condone the actions taken by the Legislature in derogation of the expressed will of the people,” he continued. “The Legislature’s vote … prior to receiving the opinion of the attorney general frustrated the deliberative process intended by the people in [the state constitution].”

Democrats Fight Back

“In New York, the Equal Rights Amendment was advanced to protect people’s fundamental rights like reproductive freedom and access to abortion care,” New York Attorney General Letitia James told her social media followers. “The decision to strike the ERA from the ballot in November is disappointing, and we’re appealing to defend New Yorkers’ rights.”

The language of the bill was also written in such a way that it could have removed all parental rights when it comes to transgender “surgeries” for children, Fox added. (LEARN MORE: Maryland District Removes Parental Education Rights)

“It would, for instance, give a minor a right to so-called gender-affirming care, puberty blockers even surgeries, without permission, without consent of their parents,” former New York Republican Rep. John Faso said. “It would also, for instance, say that biological males could compete on girls sports teams.” (LEARN MORE: Detransitioner Sues American Academy Of Pediatrics)

Some Will Try To Appeal This Decision

The ERA could still appear on the November 2024 ballot in New York if some lawmakers try to appeal Doyle’s decision. But you can use your voice today to ensure that no bill like this passes in New York or your home state.

Did you know that just one letter to a local, state, or federal lawmaker can be enough to help shift policy in the right direction? It sounds like a complicated process, and it is, so that’s why we’ve streamlined it. You can contact all of your elected representatives today to tell them how important parental rights, protecting girls’ sports, and protecting children from government and medical tyranny are to you.

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