Legal Experts Concerned On Biden’s Pattern Of ‘Overreach’

Jan 10, 2024

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Legal experts are reportedly sounding the alarm over the Biden Administration’s pattern of “unlawful overreach,” the Washington Stand reported Friday.

In 2023, the Biden Administration pushed a new U.S. Department of Agriculture law (USDA) that would have literally removed food from children’s schools if said schools did not adopt pro-gender identity rhetoric. Let that sink in for a second: your elected officials were going to stop feeding your children if you didn’t let them think they were a different gender to that they were born with.

Why would anyone threaten to stop feeding low-income children? We don’t know, but that’s what happened. (LEARN MORE: Biden’s Border Crisis Threatens Supply Chain)

Stopping Our Transport

In December, a group of Republican attorneys filed a lawsuit against the administration after they pushed for greenhouse gas emission benchmarks by the state under the Department of Transportation (USDOT). Montana Republican AG Austin Knudsen said the rule was ““another unlawful and overreaching regulation.” He noted the USDOT does not have the authority to regulate these emissions either. (LEARN MORE: ‘Bidenomics’ Is Hurting Voters Despite Attempts To Spin)

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Speaks Out

“One of the things people ought to pay attention to is the phrase ‘whole of government,’” he told Tony Perkins on Washington Watch. “You’re starting to hear this from bureaucrats and politicians in Washington over and over again. That should be a red flag for you when you hear ‘whole of government.’ … It’s kind of a code that they’re going to use [in order for] agencies that have absolutely nothing to do with the thing at hand to try to accomplish something that they don’t have authority to do.

“For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] is there to regulate the stock markets and stock trading and commodities trading. They publish rules, and it’s a regulatory agency — pretty dry and dusty. Well, under the whole of government approach, the Biden administration is using them to try to enter into fossil fuels and energy policy and climate change. What does the SEC and stock markets have to do with whether we drive electric cars or not or fossil fuel development?”

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