Legendary Football Coach Reveals ‘Mini Revival’

Jan 29, 2024

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Legendary University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh revealed that a “mini revival” took place in 2023, where 70 of his players were baptized in the last season.

“There’s a spiritual mission to our team,” Harbaugh told social media personality Johnny Root. “I’m inspired by them…[it’s] inspirational. The young players on our team are incredible examples.” More than half of the Michigan Wolverines declared their love and loyalty to Jesus Christ in 2023, and many of them aren’t afraid to talk about it.

“I’m blessed. I’m able to do that because I can revert back to the situation that I did today and not worry about myself and just let everything flow. But God played through me and that’s what I did today, you know, for the success that I had, it was nothing but God, you know. Trust in the process, the process with Him,” Running back Donovan Edwards said following the team’s win against the Washington Huskies in January. (LEARN MORE: NFL Coach Starts Post-Game Conference With Bible Reading)

Harbaugh Thanks God For His Team

“Thanks to God, first. He’s had his hand on this team the entire year. Been a spiritual journey for us, so all thanks to God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to say this, you talk about some of the — it’s a galvanized team,” Harbaugh said before the playoffs. “Some may think it’s galvanized by adversity, but it’s not. It’s galvanized by choice. The choice to play for each other.” (LEARN MORE: Jelly Roll’s ‘Damascus Road’ Encounter)

Got a chance to chat with Jim Harbaugh about his bold pro-life stance, where he’ll potentially coach next & more at the @March_for_Life pic.twitter.com/tftKJbBiBj

— Jon Root (@JonnyRoot_) January 19, 2024

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