Nikki Haley Ends Her Presidential Campaign

Mar 7, 2024

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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley ended her presidential campaign Wednesday morning after former President Donald Trump won nearly every state up for grabs in the GOP primary’s Super Tuesday ballots.

Haley is expected to make her brief concession speech to the Republican Party later on Wednesday morning from her hometown of Charleston, according to Newsmax. Haley is not expected to endorse Trump’s presidency but instead urge him to appeal to the more independently-minded voters that supported her campaign to date. 

Primary Results So Far

Trump has secured 995 delegates through the primary season thus far, while Haley managed to win just 89 over the course of her campaign, according to The Associated Press. (LEARN MORE: Supreme Court Sides With Trump In Major Decision)

The results suggest that President Joe Biden and Trump are sure to face off in a rematch in the 2024 presidential election, NPR noted. Unless something extraordinary happens, this is what Americans will face on voting day.

Are You Voting For The Person Or Policies?

The multiple crises facing America right now, including the economy, the open border, and more, are what most people are focusing on as we head into the 2024 election. Telling your lawmakers where to focus their time and efforts while they are paid by your tax dollars is one of the most important responsibilities of any citizen.

Did you know that you, your family, and friends can send letters directly to your elected officials today? We can tell your leaders what you want from their time in office, and what you expect from our federal government. (LEARN MORE: Surprise Poll Finds 73% Say Biden ‘Too Old’ To Be President)

Letter-writing campaigns, or even just a single letter, can be enough to sway policy. So what do you care about and want changed? Let us know, and we’ll send the letters to the right representatives for you. 

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