North Korean Leader Pushes For War Preparations

Dec 29, 2023

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ordered the nation’s military to accelerate war preparations over “confrontational moves” by the U.S., Newsmax reported.

Kim is pushing his munitions industry and nuclear weapons divisions to ramp up their preparedness for war while expanding ties to Russia and other nations who are not exactly friendly with the U.S. “He (Kim) set forth the militant tasks for the People’s Army and the munitions industry, nuclear weapons, and civil defense sectors to further accelerate the war preparations,” news agency KCNA reported. It further noted the supply of military equipment heading for Russia from the annexed North Korean nation.

It’s thought that North Korea is supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine, while Russia is helping North Korea to advance its military capabilities through technical support. (LEARN MORE: ‘Catastrophic’ Rise In Early Death Reported In US)

A “Decisive Year”

He called 2023 a “decisive year” “of great turn and great change,” where the nation saw “eye-opening victories,” apparently. But famine and food shortages have plagued North Korea for more than 30 years, but the nation’s crop output has reportedly increased year-over-year since the 1990s. But the amount produced is still far below what would be needed to support the entire nation’s food shortages.

This is why Kim is also focusing on North Korea’s economic sector. “He … clarified the important tasks for the new year to be dynamically pushed forward in the key industrial sectors,” and called for “stabilizing the agricultural production on a high level,” the outlet continued.

Aggression Against The US?

North Korea launched its first military spy satellite (after two failed attempts) earlier this year, as well as testing its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Kim also said part of his war and economic preparations are in response to “confrontation moves by the U.S. and its vassal forces unprecedented in history.”

South Korea has called for swift and stern retaliation should the North provoke any allies around the world. (LEARN MORE: Hamas Attacks Continue Into Christmas)

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