Polls Reveals Highest ‘Scripture Disengagement’

Apr 25, 2024

An American Bible Society poll released in April detailed how 57% of Americans are “scripture disengaged.”

Some 4 in 10 scripture-disengaged people are male, and Millennials are more likely to be disengaged with the Bible. However, Gen X is far more likely to be engaged with the Bible and scripture, the study found. “The big headlines from the 2024 poll are not good, though not terrible. People are interacting with the Bible a bit less than the previous year. While about the same number of people meet our criteria to be Scripture Engaged, there’s migration from the Movable Middle category to the Bible Disengaged. Even the scores on the Spiritual Vitality Gauge are slightly down,” the survey authors wrote. (LEARN MORE: Biden Ignores Christian Massacres For 3rd Year In A Row)

What Is The Big Number?

Some 47 million (18%) of Americans are Scripture Engaged, the poll found. “Last year it seemed the Movable Middle was surging, perhaps moving toward greater engagement, but the 2024 statistics go back the other way. The percentage of Bible Disengaged is now at its highest point ever,” the survey authors noted.

The survey looked at various behaviors, such as Bible reading — which has decreased slightly in 2024 — and centrality of the Bible in decision-making, which has remained steady. ” Yet, for millions of people, the Bible is not leading to a greater connection with God or more loving behavior toward others, at least as much as it did a year ago,” the authors found. (LEARN MORE: Senate Urged To Make Religious Freedoms ‘Fundamental Right’)

Black Americans Lead The Way For Engagement

“In the past year, the Scripture Engagement of Black Americans increased slightly to 28%. This is higher by far than the score for white Americans, which dropped slightly to 16%. Black Christians are also far ahead of other demographics in measures of spiritual vitality and church attendance, providing a strong example that other Christians can follow,” the authors continued. (LEARN MORE: Biden’s Border Crisis Threatens Supply Chain)

How Can Your Lawmakers Help?

It’s not just celebrities and those who work in the various Christian-based entertainment and leadership fields who can foster a greater relationship with Christ throughout the U.S. Your lawmakers have a right and a responsibility to share their faith, even if some politicians don’t like it.

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The Bible in America Today” collected responses from 2,506 American adults from January 4 to January 23 on Bible usage and Bible reading.

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