Pro-Life Group Sues DOJ Over Alleged Targeting Of Christian

May 29, 2024

The pro-life group 40 Days for Life filed a lawsuit in May against the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging “[m]alicious/retaliatory prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest and related claims” against pro-life advocate and Catholic father Mark Houck

Houck, a father of seven, was indicted by the DOJ in 2022 over alleged violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, according to the Washington Stand. The lawsuit claims that the charges “were a result of a faulty and malicious investigation of Mr. Houck,” who “had been targeted for indictment without probable cause because of his beliefs, his public prayer and speech, and his position as a counselor associated with a crisis pregnancy center.”

Weaponization Of The DOJ?

“For two decades, 40 Days for Life worked closely with the great men and women at the FBI and DOJ to protect our volunteers and those who disagree with us in the public square. Our peaceful, law-abiding efforts never changed,” 40 Days for Life president and CEO Shawn Carney told the Washington Stand. “What changed? The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the weaponization of the DOJ against pro-life Americans and Catholics skyrocketed. America doesn’t belong to the FBI, it belongs to law-abiding citizens no matter their religion or political affiliation. The bigotry and selective prosecution of our government cannot silence us to peacefully and legally share our beliefs in the public square.”

The lawsuit further claims that the FBI “purposefully conducted a biased and corrupt investigation” against Houck. (LEARN MORE: Pro-Life Activist Receives ‘Shocking’ Prison Sentence)

What Happened To Prompt This Situation?

The accusations against Houck by the DOJ relate to a 2021 incident where Houck and his then-12-year-old son were praying outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic, the outlet noted. One of the clinic’s employees, Bruce Love, left his post outside the Planned Parenthood and approached Houck.

Love apparently spewed “ridicule and profanity” at Houck’s child. Love had a history of violating the clinic’s policy of not “antagonizing” pro-life advocates. When Love did not stop harassing the child at Houck’s demand, Houck shoved him away. Love tried to initiate private prosecution against Houck but did not appear at his own hearing. (LEARN MORE: Trump Wants Life To Be A State Issue)

Houck agreed to appear voluntarily with the DOJ should any federal charges be filed against him. Instead, at least 24 FBI agents raided his home and arrested him in front of his wife and children. The raid was called “both unnecessary and unlawful” in the 40 Days for Life lawsuit. The suit is seeking a total of $300,000 in compensatory damages and an unspecified sum in punitive damages.

Protecting Religious Freedom

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