RFK Jr. Makes Surprising Climate Update In 2024 Campaign

Apr 22, 2024

2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed his position on the climate change issue on Sunday.

RFK Jr. spent years successfully battling to protect the environment from polluters and to act as a shepherd to the natural environment of America. But apparently, his position on the climate change issue is not what most would assume. The candidate told Politico that his climate policies are being designed specifically to “make sense to skeptics and activists alike.”

While RFK Jr. did not specify policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions — most leftist’s core concerns in the climate issue, he did call for an end to the U.S.’s role in liquefied natural gas exports. “Kennedy said he would ban the gas exports altogether — in contrast to Biden, whose administration announced in January that it was pausing approvals of new gas export terminals while it studies the exports’ climate and economic impacts,” Politico claimed. (LEARN MORE: Less Than 25% Of Americans Hold Positive Views Of Government)

Rolling Back Inflation Reduction Act

RFK Jr. added that he wants to roll back Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which didn’t really do much to curb inflation. “He’s played into the hands of the carbon industry by focusing on geoengineering and carbon capture, and that is to me a disastrous endpoint,” RFK Jr. explained. “And it’s disastrous from an environmental point of view, and it also is just a subsidy for big carbon.” (LEARN MORE: Young, Muslim Voters Turn Away From Biden)

RFK Jr. also criticized Biden’s hundreds of billions of dollars worth of subsidies to clean energy companies. He’s also against the “totalitarian controls” the Biden administration has pushed under the guise of climate activism. “Americans had enough of that during Covid, of people using the crisis — that many people believe now was manufactured — in order to clamp down totalitarian controls and shift wealth upward. And they see a mirror of that in climate,” he continued.

Too Hard To Ignore?

Politico argued that RFK Jr. is polling steadily at 10% in most major surveys, suggesting that both parties need to stop ignoring this potential frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. While some call him a “climate denier,” others believe he goes far too left on the issue. But many see him as a calm middle ground in an ever-dividing nation.

“I don’t think President Biden needs my help to lose to Donald Trump,” RFK Jr. added. “All the polls show him losing without me in the race.”

Who Do You Want For President In 2024?

Trump’s polling numbers have increased throughout the process of his indictment. He’s currently well ahead of all his GOP 2024 presidential challengers. (LEARN MORE: China’s Stealth Invasion Of America Is Happening Now, Experts Warn)

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