State Can’t Say Where $24BN Went On Homeless Crisis

Apr 13, 2024

California’s Republican leaders can’t get the state to say where $24 billion in taxpayer dollars disappeared as it clearly wasn’t used to mitigate the homeless crisis.

California’s GOP is pushing for accountability after an audit revealed that predominantly Democratic lawmakers spent $24 billion in American citizen’s money to stop the homeless crisis over five years, and none of it worked. The audit also revealed absolutely nothing was done to track where the money was spent, whether it was revealing results or anything of actual purpose in helping America’s mentally ill.

“Among other things, the report found that the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH), which is responsible for coordinating agencies and allocating resources for the homelessness programs, stopped tracking whether the programs were working in 2021,” Fox News wrote of the scandal. (LEARN MORE: Most US Voters Think CIA, FBI May Control 2024’s Election)

Is This Gavin Newsom’s Fault?

Most lawmakers believe that California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is largely at fault for the heinous ways in which people have manipulated the homeless crisis within the state, Fox noted. “This is standard Gavin Newsom – make a splashy announcement, waste a bunch of taxpayer money, and completely fail to deliver,” California Assembly Republican leader James Gallagher said of the situation. “Californians are tired of the homeless crisis, and they’re even more tired of Gavin’s excuses. We need results – period, full stop.” (LEARN MORE: Biden Sued Over Conservative Censorship)

“The one issue I had with the audit was that the focus was mostly on housing and shelter issues, which is certainly important, but really very little about actual results, getting people out of homelessness, not just into shelter,” he said. “That’s sort of half the job, maybe not even quite half the job. And, so that was a little bit of a disappointment.”

Since day one, I’ve advocated for a federal audit of California’s homelessness crisis.
I’m glad that the state has done this, but now we need real political courage to make necessary changes.
Our unhoused people and our taxpayers deserve real results, not more failed policies. https://t.co/4fMVdRCNPD pic.twitter.com/JhQnmITR05

— Steve Garvey (@SteveyGarvey6) April 9, 2024

Abusing People And The System

Something went very wrong in California and someone is to blame. Right now, not enough is being done to tackle the homeless crisis or the grifters who use it to likely enrich themselves while doing nothing to help. You can tell your local, state, and federally elected officials to put an end to this behavior today.

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