Terror in Middle East: High Costs at Home

Feb 5, 2024

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Terror attacks against shipping vessels throughout the Middle East could lead to even higher costs of living here in the U.S., CBN reported Monday.

Shipments of various international goods are slowing down at the Port of Virginia amid growing attacks by Houthi terrorists in the Red Sea. Ships and their crews are being diverted to the West Coast, and insurance premiums are increasing dramatically for companies. These costs are being passed off to the consumer, leading to higher prices. And things could get significantly worse should an all-out military conflict erupt.

“So imagine a shipment going from Singapore to Western Europe. Now they have to travel thousands of miles more, burning more fuel, which is, of course, not great for the environment. Beyond that, they also have to pay higher fuel prices,” Oklahoma State University associate dean Dr. Sunderesh Heragu told the outlet. “Alternative routes increase travel time by at least 50%. This leads to delayed shipments, which in turn cause a ripple effect. Higher transportation costs and longer delivery times are just the beginning. The full impact on global supply chains could be substantial.”

Serious Consequences To Terror

The volume of goods transported through the Red Sea has declined by an estimated 70% in the last several months. And most of those ships being targeted are British, American, and Israeli.

“The Houthis are targeting ships linked to the U.S., the UK, and Israel,” CSIS researcher Matthew Schleich explained to CBN. “Chinese ships making the passage through the Red Sea are signaling they’re Chinese ships, not holding Western cargo. So far, the Houthis have not really attacked ships based out of China. Opportunistic Chinese shipping companies are actually sending their cargo vessels over to the Red Sea to pick up some of that excess demand at a higher price.” (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

Military Currently Protecting Trade

The U.S. has at least one aircraft carrier in the Red Sea right now, and the British military is present. They are there to keep ships safe, but the situation is unsustainable, according to UCLA professor Chris Tang. “Each ground-to-air missile used to attack one of those drones costs over one million dollars. But the drones and missiles made by the Houthis, backed by Iran, may cost around $50,000 each. So, you cannot continue shooting these million-dollar missiles indefinitely,” he noted. (LEARN MORE: Biden’s Border Crisis Threatens Supply Chain)

Tell Your Elected Officials What You Need

We know there’s a potential for all-out global war amid growing tensions and violence throughout Israel, Gaza, and the Middle East. But what is it that matters most to you here at home? Whether it’s the threat to American life, soaring cost of living, all of the above or something more, tell your elected officials what your vote means today. And what they need to do to secure it.

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