GOP, Trump Call For Border Safety, With Or Without Biden

Jan 31, 2024

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A large number of Republican governors are standing with Texas over Biden’s border crisis, the Washington Stand reported Thursday.

“President Biden and his Administration have left Americans and our country completely vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration pouring across the Southern border,” the 25 lawmakers wrote in a signed joint statement. “Instead of upholding the rule of law and securing the border, the Biden Administration has attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.”

“We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border,” the letter continued. “We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.” The governors concluded, “Because the Biden Administration has abdicated its constitutional compact duties to the states, Texas has every legal justification to protect the sovereignty of our states and our nation.” (LEARN MORE: Biden’s Border Crisis Threatens Supply Chain)

Texas Holds Firm on Border

In mid-January, President Joe Biden’s federal government issued a stern warning to Texas: stop protecting the border.

In response, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement against the Biden Administration. He declared the crisis an “invasion,” and vowed to protect his people, the state, and the nation. He also accused Biden of violating “his oath to faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress. Instead of prosecuting immigrants for the federal crime of illegal entry, President Biden has sent his lawyers into federal courts to sue Texas for taking action to secure the border.” (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability From U.S. Open Border)

Who Stands With Texas?

The letter in solidarity with Texas was signed by governors Kay Ivey (Ala.), Mike Dunleavy (Alaska), Sarah Sanders (Ark.), Ron DeSantis (Fla.), Brian Kemp (Ga.), Brad Little (Idaho), Eric Holcomb (Ind.), Kim Reynolds (Iowa), Jeff Landry (La.), Tate Reeves (Miss.), Mike Parson (Mo.), Greg Gianforte (Mont.), Jim Pillen (Neb.), Joe Lombardo (Nev.), Chris Sununu (N.H.), Doug Burgum (N.D.), Mike DeWine (Ohio), Kevin Stitt (Okla.), Henry McMaster (S.C.), Kristi Noem (S.D.), Bill Lee (Tenn.), Spencer Cox (Utah), Glenn Youngkin (Va.), Jim Justice (W.Va.), and Mark Gordon (Wyo.), the Washington Stand listed. (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott was the only member of the GOP governorship to refuse to sign the letter, the outlet noted.

Former President Donald Trump also called upon lawmakers to support Texas by sending their national guard to protect the region. “Instead of fighting to protect our Country from this onslaught, Biden is, unbelievably, fighting to tie the hands of Governor Abbott and the State of Texas, so that the Invasion continues unchecked,” Trump said on Truth Social. “We encourage all willing States to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of illegals, and to remove them back across the border.”

You Deserve Leaders Who Protect You

Everyone deserves to live in a country where their elected officials will protect them from war and terror. Right now, we have a president with a proven track record of abandoning his people. Is this what you really want for the future of our nation?

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