“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).

Mobilizing Christian Votes: A Call to Action!

As believers, we yearn for biblical principles to be mirrored in public policy. For that to come to fruition, we must elect leaders with a solid moral compass and a determination to restore and preserve our American heritage. In this election cycle, we hold the power to shape our nation’s leadership. The officials we elect will chart our future on vital issues such as the right to life, the definition of marriage, and religious freedoms. The policies and laws enacted by these leaders will impact America for generations.

The Bible instructs us to trust God in all areas of life, including politics. We are called to be involved and engaged citizens who make decisions based on careful consideration of biblical principles. We should always pray for the wisdom and guidance needed to honor God’s will when making our choices at election time.

Can casting a ballot genuinely influence the outcome?

Without a doubt! Consider this: In the past 47 years, less than 13 million votes have decided every presidential election. An estimated 25 million Christians are registered to vote but don’t participate. Imagine the implications if they voted in the next election. It would not just sway an election, but it could completely transform our nation!

Even if you hesitate to believe our elections are secure, we cannot give up! We must dig in and turn out the vote to overwhelm the system with staggering determination.

What is your role?

Vote! Voting is how we have the most significant impact on the future of this nation. It is not merely one of our cherished American rights. It is our duty as servants of Almighty God. Christians are the last beacon on the hill, holding the fabric of this country together.

Share voting information with those in your circle of influence and encourage them to use their voices to make a difference. Together, we can ignite millions of voices, spark a revolution, and restore America’s godly legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Let’s get busy!

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