Iranian Christian Survivor Asks For Help From US Churches

Apr 23, 2024

An Iranian woman called Lily Meschi, who found Christianity after fleeing her abusive relationship, is now asking for help from Western Churches.

“As Christians, we need to rise up and truly pray for the spirit of opposition, the anti-Christ spirit, to be removed from that country so that they can freely receive the virtuous faith that ultimately gives them true freedom,” Meschi told the Christian Post.

“We all know that true freedom relies on virtue, and virtue comes from the deep heart conviction that comes from faith. This is what Iran needs. We need to make the message of Christ so much bolder than ever before. This is a historic time. We all need to rally together to bring Christ into Iran,” she continued. (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability from U.S. Open Border)

What She Experienced In Iran, US

“My view of God was very much like the patriarchy, the male dominance, that I felt in Iran. In that culture, there’s an angry persona of God. He’s just sitting on his throne, wanting to punish us, he wants us to make mistakes and have mishaps so that he can punish us. That was the type of worldview, the type of belief system that I was fed by the culture that I grew up in Iran,” Meschi continued. “It was very difficult. It really created an enormous amount of insecurities in me, emotionally and mentally.” (LEARN MORE: Multiple States Fear Full Iran-Israel War)

After moving to the U.S. Meschi found herself trapped in an abusive marriage. “The marriage ended up becoming very toxic, very abusive on all fronts, verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually,” she told the outlet. “It was very dark. Two years into our marriage, I found myself at the bottom of the pit. It was dark, and I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought that my life was wasted. I am trapped with this guy that is only abusing me.”

Finding God’s Love

During these darkest moments, Meschi was introduced to Christianity through her friendship groups in Oklahoma. These friends shared the Gospel with her. “Before I knew it, tears were rolling down my cheeks,” and almost instantly declared Jesus as her Lord and Savior. “I had no prior knowledge about Christianity or Jesus. The only thing that I was taught in Iran was that Jesus was one of the greatest prophets who had performed many miracles. So the whole concept of Trinity, the whole deity of Christ, was foreign to me. But at that moment, the Holy Spirit poured into me the knowledge that I needed to declare that He is my Lord and Savior. … I had the Holy Spirit and encounter and I knew that Jesus was the Son of God, Jesus was my Lord and Savior, Jesus was God.” (LEARN MORE: Biden Ignores Christian Massacres For 3rd Year In A Row)

“The Lord set me free from that toxic relationship after 14 years, and He gave me and my daughter peace that is beyond understanding, peace that His word talks about. I’m so grateful that I found Jesus. It’s one of the best decisions in my life that I have ever made,” she stated.

Pray For Iran

In these moments of global tension, we must remember that it is those who seek power and control and the actions of God who are trying to destroy His Kingdom. It is not those who, like us, live in fear of what evil men want during this darkening hour.

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