NY Times Poll Says Biden Has US On Wrong Track

Apr 17, 2024

A New York Times/Siena poll conducted in April found those most Americans think President Joe Biden has the country on the wrong track.

In contrast, some 42% of voters said they look back on former President Donald Trump’s time in office as “mostly good years.” But this number is still low compared to the 64% of people who said Biden is taking us in the wrong direction. “While memories of Trump’s tumultuous and chaotic administration have not significantly faded, many voters now have a rosier picture of his handling of the economy, immigration, and maintaining law and order,” the Times wrote in their analysis.

“Ahead of the 2020 election, only 39% of voters said that the country was better off after Mr. Trump took office. Now, looking back, nearly half say that he improved things during his time as president.” (LEARN MORE: Interview Suggests New Evidence On Voter Machine Issues In 2020)

Additional Data

  • 46% said if the election were held today, they’d vote for Trump
  • Only 45% said they’d vote for Biden
  • 64% approve of Trump’s handling of the economy
  • 63% disapprove of Biden on the economy
  • 52% went so far as to say Biden’s handling of the economy was “poor”
  • 48% believe Biden is too old to be a good president

Biden’s Numbers Keep Getting Worse

Even though Biden’s polling numbers keep getting worse, we have to remember that the 2016 election was also a surprise for pollsters. A lot of people lied about who they were voting for because it was easier than explaining themselves to everyone who supported establishment politicians. Can we do better in 2024? (LEARN MORE: Trump Better In Nuke Crisis Than Biden, Poll Finds)

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The poll was conducted between April 7 to 11, 2024 amongst a cohort of 1.059 registered voters.

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